A Letter to the Ontario Athletics Commission

Ontario Union of Martial Artists A Letter to the Ontario Athletics Commission

The letter below is an example of why it is important to influence the upcoming regulations of The Combat Sports Act, 2019.

A community member sent the OUMA this letter and the Ontario Athletics Commission responses…

To The Ontario Athletics Commission

Hello, first I want to congratulate and thank the commission for its professional manner and treatment of the fighters.

I am contacting you to file a complaint concerning the match, Chucky Mady vs Vladimir Kazbekov.  The actions and statements by Vladimir were cowardly, unsportsmanlike and demeaning to the sport of MMA in Ontario and asa whole. For him to ask or signal to touch gloves, to fake the touch and strike the opponent with a cheap and damaging blow in many jurisdictions is totally against the rules and is stated by the referee in the dressing room, we also assumed with the strict rules in Ontario, where MMA has been regulated and scrutinized that this would be a strict rule. As in Ontario boxing, instruction to touch gloves, step back, then fight.  We in Ontario have been told that our rules and regulations are there to protect the athlete, stressing health and well-fair of the athletes.  What Vladimir did was in my professional opinion, from my 51 years in the martial arts, my many many years in the fight game internationally, is blatant infraction of the rules. The fight should have been stopped at that point, the injured fighter should have been checked out to see if the fight could continue. At least a one point deduction should have been issued to Vladimir and a warning. Chuck was injured from that illegal blow and was taken down, he held Vladimir as long as he could for the ref to stand it up.  The in a few matches seemed to let nothing go on for too long. Vladimir’s actions and inflammatory statements and trying to come back after Chuck, created a potentially violent and dangerous situation. This was a crushing blow to the sport. I have always acted in an honourable manner, I have been in the corner for thousands of fights from many disciplines, I have seen a lot and learned a lot, so I am not speaking from an uneducated viewpoint.

In 2012 I was a recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for my work in the martial arts in Canada. I am proud and honourable with what I do. I strongly feel that Vladimir Kazbekov should be banned and the fight should be called a no contest.  No one should be rewarded for cheating.  I have checked into Vladimir and am not impressed from what information is being sent to me by people who really know him.

Time to enforce drug testing for all MMA fighters. If someone starts talking about the cost factor then they are truly not concerned with the health and well-fair of the athletes.  What does it cost to take care of someone who is injured by a person on drugs and how much does it cost to take care of those people once their health fails due to the drug use.  If the drug testing eliminates a lot of pretend athlete, that’s a good thing, now true athletes will be able to compete on a level playing field. It will draw athletes who refused to compete because of not truly having a level playing field. Finally, natural weight athletes, back to health and well fair, fighters cut so much weight, truly doing long term damage to themselves and then coming into a match MUCH heavier, again a level playing field. In Ohio, weigh ins are done day before and day of the match and are only allowed a designated amount of weight difference.  This creates a level playing field and watches out for the health of the fighter.
Thank you

Hanshi, Albert C. Mady


Good afternoon Mr. Mady,

We appreciate your health and safety concerns and we encourage you to approach your local MPP or the Minister’s Office with your suggestions regarding drug testing and weigh-ins.

Now to address your complaints regarding the Chuck Mady vs Vladimir Kazbekov bout. I have reviewed the video of the bout myself, as well as consulted with some of the more experienced officials in the sport, and I regret to inform you that we cannot change the result of the bout as per your request. Mr. Kazbekov’s action may have not been an honourable one but it’s not against the rules of professional Mixed Martial Arts. The referee did ask the participants to touch gloves prior to the beginning of the round, it was done and both athletes took a step back. Once the round begins it is the responsibility of the contestants to protect themselves at all times, even if the other contestant uses a deceiving tactic such as simulated invitation to touch gloves.

I’d like to thank you again for your e-mail and please don’t hesitate to contact our office should you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Good afternoon Mr. Mady,

Thank you for your inquiry with the Office of the Athletics Commissioner (OAC). We acknowledge your concerns regarding the Chuck Mady vs Vladimir Kazbekov bout and we will look into this matter. I just received the video of the bout today, I will review it and will get back to you.

I would like to take a moment and address some of your other concerns.

  • Drug testing – unfortunately, OAC has no authority to carry out or demand drug testing. It’s not in our Regulations and we cannot enforce it. The only way drug testing can be carried out is if the athletes agree to it prior to their match and pay for their own testing, or it could be the promoter that arranges it as well. OAC can be asked to assist in this process but again we have no authority to request it.
  • Weigh-ins – as per our Regulations it states that the weigh-ins for MMA events have to take place on the day before the event. We cannot do anything otherwise.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Best regards,

Athletics Commissioner
Sport, Recreation & Community Programs Division
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Office: 416-326-7784 Mobile: 437-226-6721