Member Benefits


Joining the Ontario Union of Martial Artists (OUMA) as a General Member is completely free. General Membership provides most people with all the benefits they want with zero cost.

Active Membership requires an annual fee of $25. An Active member can vote on OUMA policy and regulatory issues. They also benefit from discounted or possibly no-charge, rates for OUMA sponsored events.  These are variable benefits as we are continuously trying to improve them.  100% of Active Membership fees go to support the mandate and mission of The Ontario Union of Martial Artists.  If you are interested in Active Membership, please make sure you are familiar with our Policy and Bylaws.

All memberships must agree with the mission, vision and values of the OUMA, agree to receive news and information about your community, and hopefully want to support it’s advocacy activities.


Individual General Membership – Free:

  • Representation of your interests and ability to participate in advocacy activities (if desired) to protect martial arts culture.  Get advice from the community.
  • Event creation, registration and
  • Benefit from discounts on training, competition or other events offered by community members.
  • Access to Martial Arts Resources for clubs and individuals, including a public student profile and club profile pages (if desired), articles, and other community generated content.  Marketing and promotion support from the community and its related businesses are also available.
  • Access to style-agnostic tournament rules and operation guidelines that promote the safe practice of Martial Arts (in progress)
  • Access to the entire directory of other OUMA members, to support the larger martial arts community in Ontario.
  • Links and information to PSO policies and procedures governing Martial Art competition (ongoing)
  • Receive Martial Arts News and Event information via our email distribution list
  • *Send out notifications to the entire OUMA membership distribution list (club registration only)
  • Discounted training offers from select OUMA supporting organizations (based on member participation)

Club General Membership – Free:

Ability to accept online payments and registration for their Club events.

  • Club Owners can submit a form to the OUMA with event information to request an online registration form be created
  • The online registration form is publicly available and the Club Owner receives a link that can be shared to anyone through email
  • The event is automatically included in the OUMA Email Newsletter
  • If the Club Owner provides payment processing information (like paypal) people can include payment with their online registration.  This feature is still in development but current online payments for registrations can be facilitated.  Please contact us for more information.
  • All registrations for the Club event will be sent via email to the Club Owner’s email address
  • The Club Owner can receive a list of all registrants for the event

Active Membership – $25/Year:

  • All of the above benefits.  Plus…
  • Voting rights on OUMA membership issues, board of directors and policy
  • Free training offers from select OUMA supporting organizations (based on community member support)
  • Membership Card, Registration Number and Certificate

*Email distribution list is based on members double-opt-in acceptance.  Content must be submitted for review and approval in accordance with the policies and procedures, and guidelines of Canada’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FIPPA).  Frequency of distribution is based on a monthly cycle.

We will continue to grow our membership benefits as opportunities become available.