The Mike Chapman Memorial Fund

Ontario Union of Martial Artists The Mike Chapman Memorial Fund

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce a memorial fund in the name of our beloved Sensei, Mike Chapman.  The Mike Chapman Memorial Fund is an annual bursary of up to $300.00 to support an individual’s training in martial arts through financial support of the related fees.  The fund can go toward participation in tournaments, seminars or simply be applied to dojo membership fees.

Here are the guidelines for selection and award criteria:

  • The fund is available for martial arts participants of all ages
  • The fund is only available once / year.  Recipients may re-apply for the fund for the consecutive years.
  • The candidates application needs to be sponsored by the head instructor of the school they are training in.
  • The fund can be applied to any amateur or recreational martial art practice
  • Students who apply to the fund, and their respective instructor are required to be members in good standing, of the Ontario Union of Martial Artists
  • The student needs to identify what programs the fund will be applied to.
  • The student, along with their application, is required to write a short essay (less than 500 words) describing why they should be selected for the fund.
  • The OUMA Board of Directors will ultimately determine the recipient of the award.
  • The fund will be awarded at the end of October each year.  Applicants will be notified via mail on their application status.

Download the application (coming soon)